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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
abandonabandon a claimabandon convertibility
abandon gold standardabandon goods to the insurerabandon price control
abandonmentabandonment of optionabate
abatementabilityability produce
ability to payability to produceability to repay
ability to workableable-bodied
abolish a dutyabolish a tariffabolish a tax
abolishmentabolitionabolition committee
absenceabsence from workabsence of personal responsibility
absence of planabsence rateabsence without leave
absenteeabsentee landlordabsentee owner
absentee owner's farmabsenteeismabsenteeism rate
absolute deviationabsolute valueabsolve
absorbabsorb the output of the schoolsabsorbing capacity
absorptionabsorption capacityabsorption capacity of a developing country
abstainabstain from entering into contractsabstinence
abstinence theoryabstractabstract of account
abstract of statisticsabundanceabundant
abundantlyabuseabuse of benefits
abuse of creditabuse of economic powerabuse of rights
accelerateaccelerated depreciationaccelerateed depreciation
accelerateing premiumaccelerateing wage rateaccelerating premium
accelerating wage rateaccelerationacceleration coefficient
acceleration factoracceleration of growthacceleration principle
acceptaccept an offeraccept goods
acceptableacceptable quality levelacceptable quality range
acceptanceacceptance bank (house)acceptance bill
acceptance creditacceptance of workacceptance test
acceptance trialsaccessaccess to markets
access to markets for commoditiesaccess to technologyaccession
accession rateaccessorialaccessorial services
accessoryaccessory workaccident
accident experienceaccident freeaccident frequency rate
accident insuranceaccident preventativesaccident prevention
accident rateaccident riskaccident severity rate
accident statisticsaccidentalaccidental damage to fixed capital
accidental lossaccommodateaccommodate someone with money (loan)
accommodationaccommodation unitaccount
account bookaccount departmentaccount document
account equipmentaccount executiveaccount holder
account in one's custodyaccount of chargesaccount production
account showing the status ofaccount valuationaccountability
accountant officeraccountingaccounting (services) fee
accounting clerkaccounting conventionsaccounting currency
accounting deviceaccounting entryaccounting framework
accounting informationaccounting machineaccounting mechanism
accounting methodsaccounting periodaccounting practice
accounting priceaccounting principlesaccounting procedure
accounting recordsaccounting systemaccounting unit
accounts in useaccounts of the UN for the year ...accounts outstanding
accounts payableaccounts payable liabilitiesaccounts receivable
accounts should be approved by the Controlleraccounts with a long time to runaccrual
accrual basis (of accounting)accrual basis of accountingaccrual from trade transactions
accrueaccrue a rightaccrued interest
accrued itemsaccrued liabilitiesaccrued taxes
accrueing incomeaccumulateaccumulated data
accumulated debtaccumulated depreciationaccumulated divided
accumulated erroraccumulated interestaccumulated stocks
accumulationaccumulativeaccumulative saving
achieveachieve complementarity in regional pattern of industrial develoachievement
acquisition and replacement estimatesacquisition costsacquisition of market power
acquisition of technologyacquisitivenessacquit
acquitance rollacquittanceacquittance roll
acreage allotmentacross the boardacross the board reduction of duties
across the board wage increaseactionaction for damage
action for non-deliveryaction of rescissionaction research
activeactive and idle balancesactive balance
active balance of trade (of payment)active competitionactive demand
active proprietorsactive storageactively seeking work
activityactivity analysisactivity in the world market
activity ratesactivity(ies) classificationactual
actual capitalactual conditions of lifeactual cost(s)
actual costsactual dataactual economic situation
actual hoursactual level of assessmentactual market
actual outlays an imputed costsactual performanceactual price
actual state of the market of ...actual valueactuals market
actuarialactuarial consultantactuarial equivalent
actuarial marginactuarial mathematicsactuarial probabilities
actuarial probabilitysactuarial reservesactuarial services
actuarial statisticsactuarial tablesactuarial valuation
actuaryad valorem dutyad valorem tariff
adaptadaptationadaptation of technology
adapted cropsadapted technologyadd
added units of goodaddingadding machine
adding to the stock of goodsadditionaddition to capital
addition to fixed assets and stocksaddition to priceadditional
additional (extra) earningsadditional allocation of SDRsadditional annual index adjustment
additional base salary costssadditional chargesadditions to structure
adequateadequate allowanceadequate data
adequate provisionsadequationadherence
adherence to specificationadjournmentadjust
adjust an accountadjust international paymentsadjust output to capacity
adjustableadjusted dataadjusted for changes in prices
adjusted for season variationsadjusted for seasonal variationsadjusted index
adjusted net revenueadjusted totaladjuster
adjustingadjusting (smoothing) of curvesadjusting shop
adjustmentadjustment assistanceadjustment assistance measures
adjustment coefficientadjustment entrysadjustment for changes in the quality of the labour force
adjustment for educationadjustment measuresadjustment of benefits
adjustment of claimsadjustment policyadjustment process
adjustment rulesadjustment tableadjustment tables
adjustment techniqueadjustment to market changeadjustment to quality difference
adjustment(s) in dataadjustments of benefits in respect of cost-of-living changesadjustments to figures
administeradministered pricesadministrate
administrationadministration expensesadministration of budget
administration of import restrictionsadministration of management improvement servicesadministration of quotes
administrativeadministrative actionadministrative arrangements
administrative costssadministrative divisionadministrative employees
administrative expenditures (expenses)administrative personneladministrative process
administrative revenuesadministrative staffadministrative work
administratoradmissible erroradmission
admission feeadmitadmit a claim
adoption capacityadvanceadvance account
advance billadvance deliveryadvance from the fund
advance in priceadvance insurance premiumsadvance money
advance money to enterpriseadvance paymentadvanced
advanced capitaladvanced economyadvanced goods (manufactures)
advanced industrial countriesadvanced industrial economyadvanced industries
advanced methodadvanced nationsadvanced studys
advanced technologyadvanced technology manufacturesadvancement
advances to individualsadvances to the Working Capital Fundadvantage
adverseadverse (negative) balanceadverse balance
adverse balance of tradeadverse in priceadverse movement
adverse partyadvertiseadvertise for something
advertised goodsadvertisementadvertising
advertising agencyadvertising as an industryadvertising costs
advertising costssadvertising expensesadvertising man
advertising manageradviceadvise
adviseradvisoryadvisory board
advisory committeeaffiliateaffiliated (branch) company
affiliationafter allowing for inflationafter deductions for collected revenues
after sales serviceafter-after-effect
after-paymentafter-sales serviceafter-sight
after-tax profitafter-tax remunerationafter-tax remuneration (salary, wage)
ageage (life) method of depreciationage composition
age of equipmentage pyramidage structure of capital
aged populationagencyagency budgets
agency overhead costssagentagent of independent status
aggregateaggregate amountaggregate analysis
aggregate approachaggregate capacityaggregate capacityies
aggregate capital stockaggregate consumption expenditureaggregate costss
aggregate dataaggregate demandaggregate domestic investment
aggregate indexaggregate investmentaggregate market demand
aggregate membershipaggregate of firmsaggregate output
aggregate productaggregate production functionaggregate quantity
aggregate supplyaggregate tableaggregate total
aggregate valuationsaggregate workersaggregation
aggregativeaggregative dataaggregative index member
aggressive sellingagioagree
agree on priceagreed and liquidated damagesagreed price
agreementagreement of leaseagreement on debt cancellation, moratorium, rescheduling or inte
agreement on industrial propertyagriculturalagricultural capital
agricultural cooperativeagricultural cooperative (co-op)agricultural economist
agricultural employmentagricultural engineeragricultural engineering
agricultural experiment stationsagricultural extension serviceagricultural extension workers
agricultural implementsagricultural infrastructureagricultural inputs
agricultural investmentagricultural non-food productsagricultural output
agricultural populationagricultural pricesagricultural processing
agricultural procurement pricesagricultural produceagricultural productivity
agricultural unemploymentagricultureagriculture and fisheries
agriculture and related industriesagro businessagro-
agro-based industriesagro-businessagro-industrial
agroindustrial complexaidaid absorption capacity
aid-tyingaids and appliancesair
air conveyanceair fareair freight
air line(s)air Navigation Conventionair transport agreement
airway billalignaligned sample
alignmentalignment of the duties (tariffs)alignment of the dutys
allall charges borneall copyright(s) reserved by ...
all economic activityall factory tradesall hands
all risk insuranceall risks insuranceall round mechanization of production
all service activitysall-factory expenses (expenditures)all-function combine
all-time high (low)allocateallocate expenses pro rata
allocate marketsallocate resourcesallocated expenses items
allocationallocation for cultural servicesallocation of labour
allocation of resourcesallocation of risks and the cost of insuranceallocation of risks between the cargo owner and the carrier
allocation of tillable land among cropsallocation to reserveallocator
allotallot a taskallotment
allowallow a discountallowable
allowable defectsallowanceallowance for contingencies
allowance for damageallowance for depreciationallowance for draft
allowance for low per capita incomealteralter an invoice
alter an orderalter the firmalteration
alteration of premisesalternatealternation of premises
alternativealternative cropsalternative design
alternative exchange rate regimealternative goods and servicesalternative income streams
alternative inputsalternative scenarioalternative sets of data
alternative technologiesamalgamateamalgamated union
amalgamationamalgamation of businessameliorate
American interestsamortizationamortization period
amortizeamountamount appropriated by resolution
amount balanceamount dueamount of business
amount of invoiceamount of post adjustmentamount outstanding
amount toamount usedanalogue computer
analysisanalysis of economic activities of an enterpriseanalytic(al)
analytic(al)(al) accountinganalytical accountinganimated demand
anniversaryanniversary yearannouncement of pledges
annualannual average compound rateannual balance
annual calf cropannual consumptionannual costs of wages
annual depreciation amountannual depreciation costannual disappearance
annual disappearance of grainannual duty per machineannual earnings summary
annual maintenance feeannual maintenance fee charged by patent officeannual meeting
annual minimum wageannual outlays for repairs and maintenanceannual receipts
annual retirement allowanceannual returnannual salary
annual savingannual statementannual turnover
annuitantannuityannuity bond
anti-anti-competitive practiceanti-cyclical measures
anti-growth policiesanti-recessionary policyanti-trust
anti-trust lawanti-trust law (legislation)anticipate
anticipate paymentanticipate trendsanticipated adjustments
anticipated profitanticipationanticipatory
anticipatory damagesanticompetitive practiceantidumping code
antirecessionary policyapartment houseapparent
apparent domestic (national) consumptionapparent stocksappellation of origin
applicantapplicant for a patentapplication
application blank (form)application for a patentapplication for investment
application for investmentsappliedapplied art
applied economicsapplied researchapplied science
applied statisticssapplied studysappointment
apportionapportioned costs (expenses)apportionment
apportionment method (of income estimation)appraisalappraisal of data
appraiseappraised valueappraisement
appreciationappreciation in value of investmentappreciation of capital
appreciation of currency rateappreciation of exchange rateapprehensive buying
apprenticeapprentice trainingapprenticeship
appropriateappropriate a piece of propertyappropriate goods to the contract
appropriate housingappropriate money for ...appropriation
appropriation accountappropriation of paymentappropriation resolution for ...
appropriations requested by the General Assemblyapprovalapproval of an account
approveapproximateapproximate value
approximated aggregationapproximationapproximation straight line
arbitragearbitrationarbitration act
arbitration agreementarbitration of exchangearbitration of quality
arbitratorareaarea pattern of trade
area samplearea samplingarithmetic
arithmetic averagearithmetic meanarithmetical chart
arrangearrange a matterarrange difference
arrangementarrangement of product flowsarrangements for the reciprocal availability of government credi
arrayarrear(s)arrear(s)s of housing
arrear(s)s of interestarrear(s)s of rentarrear(s)s of work
articlearticle of luxuryarticles of apprenticeship
articles of associationarticles of consumptionarticles of food
articles of importsarticles of incorporationarticles of manufactory
articles of prime necessityartificialartificial advertisement-led demand
artificial capitalartificial personartificial sample
artificial transactionsascertainascertain the extent of the damage
ascertainmentascertainment of qualityassemblage
assembling departmentassembling fitterassembly
assembly belt (line)assembly line techniqueassembly shop
assessassess damageassessable payments
assessed contributionsassessed taxesassessed valuation
assessmentassessment baseassessment of compensation for nationalization
assessment of statutory pricesassessments for regular budgetassessments for the regular budget
assessments of contributionsassessments to budgetassets and principal liabilities
assets(s)assets(s) formationassets(s) holdings
assets(s) ledgerassets(s) structure of a plantassets(s)-capacity ratio
assets(s)s and liabilitiesassets(s)s in the non-material sphereassets(s)s-liabilities standing
assignassign a limitassign a sum
assignationassignmentassignment allowance
assignment clauseassignment of a contractassignment of copyright
assignment of landsassignments to budgetassignments to state budget
assimilation, adaptation and reproduction of foreign technologyassimilation, adaptation reproduction of foreign technologyassistance
assistance in grant fromassistantassistant auditor
associateassociatedassociated company
associationassociation of consulting management engineersassociation of the State with foreign enterprises
assortassortedassorted cargo
assortmentassumeassume charge of business
assume liabilityassume riskassume tax liability
assumed bondassumed nameassumption
assumption of obligation (risk)assuranceassure
at a discountat book valueat buying rate
at face valueat factor costat factor costs
at historic(al) costssat joint expenseat London interbank offered rates
at parat prevailing priceat prevailing rates of exchange
at specific timesat-arms-length provisionatomistic competition
attachattach goodsattach seal
attachmentattachment of insuranceattainder
attendattendanceattendance to custom formalities
attendantattendant's placeattorney
attritionauctionauction by tender
auction saleauditaudit arrangements
audit of booksauditing committeeauditor
auditor-Generalausterityausterity budget
austerity campaign (drive)austerity carausterity economy
austerity housingausterity programautarchy
authenticateauthorauthor certificate
author's certificateauthoritiesauthority
authorizationauthorization of capitalauthorize
authorized capitalauthorized capital stockauthorized expenditures
authorized manning tableauto-correlationautomatic
automatic adjustmentautomatic adjustment of the economyautomatic adjustments of outlays
automatic balanceautomatic controlautomatic economic stabilizers
automatic feedingautomatic invoicingautomatic lapse of a patent
automatic licensingautomatic lineautomatic plant
automatic sellingautomatic stabilityautomatic stabilizer
automatic time sharingautomatic wage controlautomatically adjusting
automatically maintained stabilityautomationautonomous investment
autonomous variableauxiliaryauxiliary department
auxiliary enterpriseauxiliary goodsauxiliary material
auxiliary materialsauxiliary productionauxiliary raw materials
auxiliary servicesauxiliary shopauxiliary work
auxiliary workerauxiliary worksavail
availability for workavailableavailable assets
available capacityavailable capitalavailable data
available suppliesaverageaverage adjustment
average capacityaverage clauseaverage compound
average dataaverage deviationaverage down
average due dataaverage earningsaverage error
average farm wage ratesaverage hourly earningsaverage in question
average outaverage outputaverage payment
average rate of profitaverage sampleaverage size of firm
average size of plantaverage standard of consumptionaverage unit cost
average upaverage valueaverage weekly hours worked
avoidavoid a contractavoidance
avoirdupoisavoirdupois poundaward
award a contractaward of a contract 

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